5 Seconds of Summer Album Review – Self-Titled Debut

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5 Sauce?

Ha no this isn’t some kind of thing you put on your food. 5 Seconds of Summer, or 5SOS for short, is a band. The band is made up of 4 Australian guys who are now in their early 20s. Their music style is mainly pop rock, with their most recent stuff on the poppier side.


For me, this album is quite nostalgic. Although I still listen to it today, I first got into it back when I was a loner sophomore in high school. These tracks brought me happiness though, and helped me have fun.

Track Breakdown

Release Date: June 27, 2014

Label: Capitol Records

She Looks So Perfect

This is the song that started it all for me and a lot of other people I think. It’s a pretty stereotypical song about a girl sung from a boy’s perspective, but I still enjoy it. I love the falsetto when they sing “would you wanna run away too?” The lyrics mainly talk about how the girl looks, but hey that’s the title of the song, ha. The build up after the bridge used to get me so hype. Overall, a good track to start the album off with.

Don’t Stop

One of my favourite songs off this album. I really enjoy the beat and melody. Also, this song is just really fun to sing along too. Lyrically, their’s not much to analyze. It’s another song about a boy wanting a girl, but again it’s still fun.

Good Girls

The “do’s” at the beginning of this song help it stand out from the rest. Another song about a girl, but this time they’re talking about a girl who pretends to be a goody-two-shoes but is actually a rebel.

Kiss Me Kiss Me

They use the same line at the beginning, throughout, and at the end of the song which I think ties it in quite nicely. The lyrics describe a teenage love and how you always want to see that special person you’re with. There’s a pretty cool instrumental break just before the bridge.


You guessed it, another song about a girl. This time the girl is a bit older, and the boy wishes he was 18 so he could do adult things with her. The lyrics are still worded quite innocently though, as it is a band with a big preteen fan base.

Everything I Didn’t Say

The first slower paced track on this album. More of a break-up tune, describing regret of words left unsaid. The chorus is really catchy.

Beside You

This one is similarly paced with the previous song. This song seems to be about a relationship that’s just recently gone long distance because the boy had to move away. He wishes he was back with her instead of where he is now. This song makes me think of all my childhood crushes and how I’d die if any of them ever felt this way towards me, ha.

End Up Here

Back to fast paced and new love. This time the boy can’t believe he got this girl and wonders how it happened. For the longest time I thought one of the lyrics was referring to a Coldplay shirt, turns out it’s a Cobain shirt. Makes more sense that way ha, knowing 5SOS’s influences and all. This one’s got a cool clapping build up at the end of the bridge too.

Long Way Home

Switching it up to slower but still about love. The boy in this one just wants to spend as much time as he can with this girl even if it means taking the long way home. They mention the band Green Day, who happens to be another one of their influences.

Heartbreak Girl

I just realized, this song could be an anthem for all the friend-zoned “good guys” out their, haha. The girl just got dumped and is leaning on him for comfort because he’s her friend. The boy though, is wondering when she’s going to realize that he is the right guy for her. I mean, I still like this song but it’s quite funny analyzing the lyrics now that I’m older, and can sorta relate to them.

Mrs All American

Boy singing about a girl, and how nobody expected them to be together but it just happened. Also, how the girl is American, while the band, and the boy in this song I’m guessing, are Australian. This song has one of my favourite bridge build-ups from this album.


Probably the slowest song off this album, and the one with the most acoustic feel. This song is after a break-up where the girl has moved away and moved on, but the boy still can’t get over her. He wishes that he could wake up with amnesia, because it’d be easier for him to just forget everything rather than accept it. I definitely remember blasting this song in my ears after my childhood crushes had “moved on” and I felt like they didn’t like me back, ha.

Wrap Up

Overall, this album doesn’t have much depth, but not every album needs to have that. I still blast some of these tracks to sing along to, because they’re fun. If you’ve only heard “She Looks So Perfect” or only heard their new stuff or whatever, I recommend checking out the rest this album. Maybe they will release the inner teen in you.

The album is available here on Amazon!

Have you heard this album? What did you listen to in high school?

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