How to Find CDs at a Department Store – aka the All-In-One Store

I’ll be frank right off the bat, even though every department store is basically an all-in-one store, they aren’t usually the best places to go to buy CDs. At least in my opinion they aren’t. Nevertheless, based on where you live, department stores may be one of your only local options.

Lots of Locations

Considering most department stores are part of chain retailers, they tend to have lots of locations. What I mean is, chances are you have a department store close to you. 

Easy Layout

One nice thing about department stores is that they’re almost always separated into sections (eg; clothing, food, and housewares). This makes searching for CDs a lot simpler. For the most part CDs can be found in the Entertainment and/or Electronics departments.

“Current” Stock

One thing that is unfortunate about department stores is that they usually only stock the newest CDs. If the CD is 3+ years old and not considered a ‘classic’ or ‘essential album,’ good luck finding it at a department store. 

Watch the Pricing

Some department stores are decent with pricing, but others I find are overpriced. For the most part, they’re usually priced a buck or two above iTunes price. Which sometimes I go for it because I really want a physical copy of the CD, and I know I’m not going to be able to find it at a yard sale or thrift store.

On the other hand though, department stores can sometimes have decent sales/sales bins. For example, Walmart usually has $5 bins where every CD you find in the bin is only $5 each. I find the CDs in these bins tend to be compilation albums of certain genres or years. That can be a great thing if you’re looking for a CD with some top songs of the 60s or whatever.

blue carts

I used to love going to HMV. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it was a whole chain of stores dedicated to entertainment products (eg; music, movies, TV). Plus, they used to have a loyalty program where you earn points for purchases, and then could redeem them for discounts or for a variety of exclusive products online. They used to be great with their pricing. Unfortunately though, they closed all of their locations a little while back.

Now we have Sunrise Records! Full review about that coming soon.

All in all, department stores aren’t great but sometimes they can be good. I recommend checking out my other “Where To Search” guides because you’ll probably have better chances at finding what you want with those.

Where do you usually buy your CDs? Does your go-to department store carry CDs? I’d love to hear from you below!

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2 thoughts on “How to Find CDs at a Department Store – aka the All-In-One Store”

  1. My store of choice is in Hobart. (A good choice since I live in Tasmania!).

    It is called ‘Music Without Frontiers’ and it is exceptional. You can find a full range of music genres, from the year ‘way back when’ up to ‘now’. The owner does love the earlier stuff but puts up with the modern stuff. And he will find cds for you as requested.

    Having started collecting music in the late 1960s, I so enjoy visiting for a browse. And it’s really cozy too. How he gets all the items in is by crazy stacking. Oh and the customers are really friendly. A good thing too as one has to hug someone to actually pass in the aisles!


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