How to Find CDs On An Artist Webstore – The Direct Source

Right From The Source

Buying CDs from the artist’s web store is like picking apples right from the tree. Plus, buying from the artist’s website is probably the most trustworthy source online. You know you’ll be getting what you pay for and you know it’ll be legit.

How To Find The Store

For the most part, this will be straight forward. Try searching up the artists’ name, and it should pop up with a few websites on the first page. You want to look for the one that has the artist’s name as the URL.

If that doesn’t work, then try researching the artist’s record label and search that up.

Special Edition Packs/Bundles

One cool thing about artists’ web stores is that sometimes they’ll sell special editions of CDs and/or have CDs in bundles with other merch. This is especially true near the release of a new album. For example, Marianas Trench has a new album coming out March 1st and so they just added a bunch of different bundles to their web store. There’re ones with the CD, or CD and T-shirt, or CD and hoodie.

My advice if you’re on any socials, especially Twitter, is to follow your favourite artists because often times they will announce when they have new merch available.


Have you ordered CDs from an artist’s website before?

I’d love to hear about it below!

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12 thoughts on “How to Find CDs On An Artist Webstore – The Direct Source”

  1. You won’t believe I did not know how to find CDs on artist websites but now I know it because this article has enlightened me on it. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article. I love sites like this that will expose you to things you do not know and I will keep following you to get more information.

  2. What a good idea. I have not so far purchased any CDs from an artist’s web store, but as you say, doing that will ensure that your CD is authentic.

    Have you any idea how the cost of buying directly from the artist compares with the price that you would pay in a conventional store?

    Thank you so much for this information – I will definitely be trying this out.

    Many thanks.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s definitely authentic this way. From my experience, I find the prices to be pretty much the same if you’re just buying the CD. Can even be cheaper on the website if you pre-order it. The only downside though is sometimes shipping can be a bit more depending on where the artist originates from. If you want a bundle though, then usually the artist’s webstore will be the only place you can buy it. Thank you for your comment Chrissie 🙂

  3. Hi. The information given is something I will ensure to be doing in the future. I never thought of it before. Sometimes you buy a CD, and each time you listen to the music you are saying that something about the tune is unlike the original, it is more of a second like quality.

     Bootleggers come in many shapes, it is good to know how to buy your CD directly from the artist.


    1. I completely agree, the authenticity that comes with buying from the artist’s webstore is great. Thank you for your visit!

  4. This is excellent advice!  Most of the CD’s I buy these days are from my own artist friends.  My friend Carmen Rizzo does collaborations with artists all over the world and, a lot of the times the proceeds benefit humanitarian projects.

    Buying physical CD’s in general really helps new artists get their footing and, I will always support that whenever possible.

    That’s a great tip in this article to buy directly from the artist when you can.  You can see package deals you may not have known about and, even get something signed if it’s near and dear to you!

  5. This is great! To be able to go to the actual artists webstore and get it direct. You are right, there sure is alot of illegitimate music out there. And here you show the method of finding the webstore. I did not know about the “special edition  packs/bundles. I will share this tip about social media to find out about new merchandise. Thanks

    1. Glad you think it’s great, and that you’re going to use my advice! Oh yes, the special bundles are like the best part!

  6. i must say I’ve never thought of going directly to  an artists website to purchase their single or album. I usually would do it through iTunes. 

    It seems going directly to their website, you can take advantage of any freebies or merchandise they offer.

    CD sales must be greatly impacted with the likes of streaming services nowadays. Would you say that CD format is making a comeback? 

    Great article, thank you

    1. Ya I think CD sales have definitely been impacted with everything going digital. I think that vinyl has definitely made a comeback. I’m not sure if CDs will make that big of a comeback but I think they’ll still stick around for a long time.

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