JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon Review – How I’ve Saved Countless CDs

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Name: JFJ Easy Pro, JFJ Eyecon 

Can Repair: CDs, DVDs, Video Game Discs, Blu-rays

Price: Varies, but worth it

Available on: Amazon (Eyecon, Easy Pro)

My Rating: 9/10

What Are They?

I bet some of you are wondering how to clean CDs. You’ve probably heard of home remedies such as using a banana or toothpaste to help rid your disc of scratches. While I can’t speak for those methods, because frankly I’ve never tried them, I can speak for these disc resurfacing machines.

The JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon are machines that resurface discs. Resurfacing basically means you can take a CD with scratches on it and clean it so it looks brand spanking new again.

Why Should I Get Them?

I would recommend every disc enthusiast get themselves a resurfacer because it will open up more opportunities. You will be able to purchase more used CDs with the ease of mind that you can fix them/make them look better.

These machines don’t only clean CDs, they can clean DVDs, Blu-rays, and video game discs! My Dad mainly uses the Eyecon to resurface PlayStation and Xbox discs, and it works great.

If you don’t get a disc resurfacer, it’s possible you can find a shop that will do it for you. More than likely though, they will charge you per disc.

The Differences Between The Two

What kind of scratches can they clean?

Eyecon – best only for lighter scratches

Easy Pro – best for deeper scratches

What kind of discs are they best with?

Eyecon – best with newer discs such as Blu-rays, PS4 games, Xbox One games, and WiiU games

Easy Pro – best with older discs that need some extra TLC

The Proof Is In The Pudding

How To Use Them

First things first, make sure you have the machine set up and plugged in. After that you can:

1. Decide which disc you want to clean and on which machine

2. Open the lid to the machine

3. Attach the CD to the top pad by unscrewing the knob, sliding the disc on, then screwing the knob back on. Make sure not to screw the knob on too tight! You just want it snug. Too loose and the disc may not clean as well, or too tight and you may have troubles getting the disc back off. Also, when you slide the disc on, you want the readable side (scratchy side) facing you so that when the machine is closed, it will touch the bottom pad.

4. Turn on the machine by flicking the switch

5. Grab the bottle of solution and shake it well. Make sure to keep a finger on the cap to prevent it from flying off while shaking.

6. Pour some of the solution onto the bottom pad. I usually do a nice squiggly line, just where the disc will initially make contact. I’ve seen other users spread a layer of the solution onto the whole pad. Up to you.

7. Close the lid to the machine right after pouring the solution. Make sure the lid clicks down.

8. Press the desired time of cleaning. I always do the full minute, but the choice is yours.

9. Once the CD is done, the machine will stop. You can open the lid and unscrew the CD

10. Grab the cloth and use it to buff the CD. Always use the middle of the cloth, not the edges! Start by gliding the cloth around the edge of the CD. Next go around the middle/opening part of the disc. Then drape the cloth over your hand, keeping it open palmed, and rub the CD in circular motions. You want to apply a little bit of pressure but not too much

11. Check the disc to see how it looks. If it still needs some help, you can run it in the machine again. Some discs can be more stubborn than others and just need a couple of spins

Note: the Easy Pro also comes with sandpaper, you can use as you see fit

Extra Tutorial

Make sure to stick around till the end, because he actually does manage to get it working again!

In my experience, you can clean up to 3 discs back-to-back. After that you’ll want to give the machine some time to cool down. Otherwise, if you don’t, the machine will heat up and won’t work as well.

All in all, I hope these machines are as good to you as they have been to me. I have been able to keep numerous CDs thanks to these machines.

Click here to check out the JFJ Eyecon!

Orrr click here to check out the JFJ Easy Pro!

Do you use a disc resurfacer? Have you ever thought about getting one?

You can tell me all about it below 🙂

I hope this helps some of my fellow disc collectors out there!

The CD Queen

74 thoughts on “JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon Review – How I’ve Saved Countless CDs”

  1. I must confess that I had not realised that it was possible to get a machine which would re-surface Cds etc.

    It sounds like a really good idea. I am quite sure that anyone who has a fair-sized CD collection will have a number of CDs with scratches, which can be really annoying, and of course you are much more likely to have scratches on your favourite CDs which you play most often!

    It is so good that the machine will also repair scratched DVDs and Game discs – it could save a good deal to be able to repair this instead of having to replace them.

    I would think that it is well worth buying one of these machines.

    Very many thanks for the information.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said! I’m definitely happy that these machines can repair more than just CDs, because I have other disc formatted possessions too. I’m so glad I could share this information with you. Thank you for the visit 🙂 

  2. Wow the machine works amazing!! You have no idea how many times I have tried saving the CDs. Most of them that got scratched has a lot of sentimental values to me. I did not tried the banana or toothpaste but I tried windex lol it did not get rid of the scratches but it shines it. Will consider getting this machine. Thanks for the review!


    1. I know right! Oh that’s too bad, but yes often times the ones that get damaged are the ones that are loved the most. Oh haha, ya I wouldn’t think Windex would help too much. Glad to share!

  3. I really had no idea something like this really existed. I normally make use of some old fashioned methods and one of them is the use of cotton and methylated spirit to clean the disk. I have to say that it is not that good and does not really get the job done and this has resulted in throwing away of a lot of cds that I have that I probably would have been able to fix if I had made use of a more efficient method like making use of JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon. I would have to give this a try when next I am to clean my cds. Thanks for the recommendation. 

    1. Oh that sucks to hear. Too bad you didn’t hold onto those CDs. Yes, I definitely recommend trying out these machines next time! 

  4. Hello Calista,

    Thank you for this incredible product review on the JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon. I honestly have never used a disc resurfacer but now I am very curious. I have alot of older cd’s and dvd’s that I hung onto but they have scratches on them as well. I used to have when my old playstation games would get scratched and sometimes it didn’t load as a result, or it would freeze at the worst possible time. 

    I didn’t know that there were different levels to the treatment. It makes sense though that it would evolve for some of the newer technology. That is quite a process that you have outlined for cleaning a disc. You and your dad must have been doing this for a long time. I know that dvd’s sell pretty well on amazon, so I might get into thrifting more of it. The problem is that you cannot always test them before you leave the store. 

    I may look into buying this product and see what I can do to touch up some of my older discs. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise in this area. 

    1. Oh that’s good that you hung onto them. Yes, I and my Dad have been cleaning discs for quite a while. Oh that’d be something to look into. Thank you for this comment. I wish you all the best with repairing your discs!

  5. Hi Calista

    This sounds like a great solution to a big problem. The reason why I’m considering your suggestion, is many of my favourite cd tracks got damaged when we moved recently, to the extent that the song wouldn’t play through anymore. Instead, it “jumps” which is annoying and disappointing.
    If your machine removes the scratch, does it automatically repair the track too?

    1. Too bad to hear a lot of your discs got damaged. I’m with you there, jumps are always annoying. Yes, the machines can repair the tracks as long as the disc isn’t too far gone. It doesn’t sound like yours are though. Too far gone would be like if there were scratches almost as deep as the disc itself. I hope you’re able to repair them. Trying out these machines is the best advice I can give you.

  6. Hi Calista,

    I just read your great review about the JFJ Easy Pro product. I have not heard about this type of product before and so I got excited that it can repair any type of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc. I have many discs which are already scratched and are not readable by the machine. I am planning to buy one of those. I believe many of my friends will also be interested in this product. I am going to share this information with them. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Awesome a machine to resurface my CDs and DVDs. Just recently, I was going through my old CD collections. Some of them of course didn’t play and some kept scratching in the player. Now through your post, I have discovered that I can save my CDs. I have started downloading some of these songs on my phone. Certainly will be saving to get one of these. Do you know if the JFJ is shipped to the Caribbean?

    This is really great as I can not only keep my collections, but I can play them without frustration and my children can be aware of how we listened to music in the past and share it with thier children. 

    1. That’s too bad that some of your CDs are scratched. Oh yes, it sounds like this machine would be perfect for you. Unfortunately, I don’t believe shipping is eligible to the Caribbean. It’s possible you could find one available on another website though. I completely agree with you there!

  8. Is this really possible?? Never heard or thought of a machine that can help resurface scratches on my CDs.

    Its very annoying when you cannot enjoy you favourite CD because it has been damaged by scratches. This would be particularly useful for my game console. The game CDs get damaged always.

    This is a must have and I must put away money to get this.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Great post and good info.

    This is wonderful to me, since I always buy second hand cd’s and games, and of course, they have scratches on it. 

    Now, I pay more to those companies to get it polished and repaired. Seeing this now, and knowing I can do it by myself, this can save me a lot of money in the long term! 

    Im going to order it right away, I think the pro is more suitable for me. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. 

    1. Thank you! Yes I definitely believe these machines can save you in the long run! That’s great to hear, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for creating this much needed awareness about the JFJ easy pro and JFJ eye-con. Honestly this is the first time I am hearing about a machine that helps resurface and clean discs. I always use toothpaste. I will check more about this machine on amazon and hopefully I can place an order.

  11. Hi Calista, thanks for writing this post. I have loads of CDs and DVDs, precious ones as well. I am so emotionally attached to them and have been holding on to them for years. I never knew there could be a solution on how to restore them. Your review of the JFJs is very timely. I am seriously thinking of getting one of them. 

    1. Happy to hear that you held onto your discs. If you do decide to go with one of these machines, I hope it works as well for you as it has for me 🙂

  12. I must admit I never knew that there was even a possibility of repairing scratched CDs.

    Anytime I’ve had a music CD that wouldn’t play any more or repeated part of a track over and over again, I’ve just thrown it away, assuming nothing could be done.

    What an eye-opener!

    I’m going to get one of these machines and then scour garage sales, where you can pick up damaged CDs for around 5 cents each!

    If I can resurrect even a quarter of these, I’m in front. And from what you say, I may be able to resurrect close to 100%.

    Excited and looking forward to it!

    1. Sad to hear you used to throw away your discs. Happy now though that you know and are considering getting one of these machines!

  13. Hi CD Queen, this was definitely useful. I’ve been throwing discs away for years thinking they were just gone forever. Who knew they were salvageable … Had I known I would’ve considered saving them with this. Bookmarked for future reference! :)What exactly is included in each kit?And how many CD’s can you clean with the kit? I’m sure it depends on how damaged they are, but is it in the tens, or more like in the hundreds of CDs?

    1. Hi 🙂

      I’m glad you found my review useful and bookmarked. The Eyecon comes with the machine, one pad, and one bottle of solution. Meanwhile, the Easy Pro comes with the machine, anti static spray cleaner, JFJ Pro Solutions 1 & 2, sanding pads, and buffing pads. They also have extra kits available if you want more solution or pads. It does depend on damage, but the number is more in the thousands.

  14. Wow… this really takes me back. Isn’t it funny how in just a few short years compact discs have become “old technology”? I still have several of those huge photo album style cd organizers with 4 cds to a page. This is going to work out perfectly! I’ve done a decent job of preserving the cds, but with this I can fully restore them. Thank you!

  15. Hi,

     Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I could not find the details about JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon. This blog will be very helpful to those who want to protect their CDs. The most interesting thing I just learn from here is the JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon are machines that resurface discs. Resurfacing basically means we can take a CD with scratches on it and clean it so it looks brand spanking new again. I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

  16. Oh man I have some CDs from a long time ago that could really use some cleaning and removal of scratches. I will definitely check out the JFJ Easy Pro for deeper scratches. If I use the JFJ Easy Pro to remove scratches from an audio CD, will it mess with any of the audio quality? will it still sound the same or better? do you happen to know? thanks.

    1. Oh awesome! As long as the scratches don’t go right through to the top layer, and provided you use the machine correctly, the audio quality should improve 🙂

  17. How amazing this machine is! I can’t recall how many CDs I have wasted due to scratches. I have wondered many times if there could be any remedy. Now, I just got the secret. I can now enjoy my best CDs anytime any day. Is it possible to venture it as a mini business, helping people clean up their CDs and get some stipends from it? Thanks for the information, I can’t say I have gotten this information before.

    1. Ya, I could see that becoming a little mini business. All depends on how many people you know who own scratched discs. Glad you enjoyed my information!

  18. Lovely. That’s really cool. I’ve got some disc cleaner that doesn’t really do the job it was meant for. I have tons of PlayStation discs that I would have thought normally “it’s gone.” I’m glad I landed here. I’m so getting a jfj product. This post will not only be helpful to me, but to my friends. Thanks

  19. Having a disc resurfacer is really great help as it can help revive a lot of cds. I have thrown away a lot of cds that I loved a lot and would have still been with me if I had a disc resurfacer way back then. I guess I did not know about them if not I would have gotten them a long time ago.

    From the review on this post it does seem the JFJ Easy Pro would be ideal for me as some of the cds I would like to bring back to life are pretty old. Thanks for the recommendation.

  20. This article made me smile, I had no idea that such a machine existed.

    I am of an age that I bought vinyl records as a teenager, how I wish that something like this existed then for repairing them!

    This cd cleaner/ repairer looks like a great product. I like that cd’s needn’t be thrown away and can be repaired instead, in this throw away world it’s always good to find a product that means less stuff is discarded.

  21. I used to manage a retail location that dealt with CDs, DVDs, and BluRay discs. Our resurfacing machines were always what ended up saving us. We would get so many discs that looked irreparable, but after a trip through our machines, they were like new again.

    I honestly did not realize that these were available for personal use and I’m so glad that I stumbled across this review. I’m about to grab one for my hundreds of movies and CDs just in case I need it. You are absolutely a lifesaver! 


    1. I hear you there. You must have gotten a lot of discs come in in bad shape. So happy I could share these machines with you. I hope you enjoy them!

  22. This is great. I have more than a few CDs laying around that can definitely use a clean up. They contain content I’d still love to listen to, even today, but they’re scratched to the core. I’m definitely going to pick up some Easycon and Easypro and probably just do a resurface of all my CDs. Thank you for sharing this.

  23. I had no idea this kind of thing existed until I read your article.  CDs are as important now to our family as pictures albums were many years ago.  This seems to be a great way to preserve them…. especially those that are used a great deal.  I appreciate the comparison of the two systems.  I was wondering if either system would work with either older or newer CDs.  Also, I was wondering if these systems can be used on any CD only a certain amount of times before wearing them down.  I am going to do a bit more research as well as show this article to my wife.  Thank you for this article.  We have dozens of valuable CDs.  This may help us preserve them.

    1. Yes, definitely a good way to help preserve your discs. Ya, both systems can work with newer and older discs, just that the Eyecon is best with newer and the Easy Pro is best with older. Yes, there is a possibility of wearing a disc down from resurfacing too much. There isn’t an exact number, it depends on the condition of the disc in the first place. Awesome, glad you’re going to share! If you decide to go with them, I hope you like them.

  24. Hi Calista, this was an awesome article. I never thought of the existence of such products before. Thankfully, I got to read your article.

    I have so many CDs, DVDs of old songs and movies which require maintenance. Now I’ll take necessary measures to keep them intact. Cost of the product is also reliable. Your analysis is complete and making me buy it now 🙂

    Thanks a lot for this awesome review.

  25. This machine is useful to have at home for disc cleaning. There are so many methods of disc cleaning I have carried out in the past like using mutilated spirit to clean a disc, using petroleum jelly to clean a disc and the last one using face powder to clean a disc. As funny as it sounds, majority of them don’t work. I later throw the disc away. If I’d known about the jfj easy pro and jfj eyecon I would have purchased one already.

    1. Oh wow, you’ve tried a lot of different methods. If you do end up going with one of the machines, I hope it works out for you!

  26. Hi Calista,

    Thank you for this incredible product review on the JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon. I have not heard about this type of product before and so I got excited that it can repair any type of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc. You have written lots of helpful articles on this website.I will share this article with my friends.

  27. This is awesome. I wish I knew there was such a machine as this. This could have saved many CDs I’ve had to toss out do to deep scratches. Luckily I’ve saved a few that I couldn’t let go of, so maybe there is still hope in repairing them. 

    It’s great it works on more than just cds, I have a few old ps2 games that could use it for sure. I think this is a wonderful deal for what you get, thanks for sharing!

    1. Too bad you tossed out a lot of your discs already, but great you still kept a few. Oh ya, you could definitely give it a try with your PS2 games. Thank you for your comment!

  28. Hi Calista. I read your great article about the JFJ Easy Pro and JFC Eyecon. Thank you so much for creating this much awareness about the JFJ Easy Pro and JFJ Eyecon. I have not heard about this type of product before and so I got excited that it can repair any type of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc. Honestly this is the first time I am hearing about a machine that helps resurface and clean discs. I think lots of my friends will also be interested in this product. I am going to share this information with my friends. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my review, and that I could introduce disc resurfacers to you. Happy to hear you’re going to share! I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

  29. Hi Calista

    This sounds like an amazing product. I got excited when I read that it can repair any types of CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc. This is really great news. With this, people will be able to repair their discs very easily. I will share this great article with my friends and relatives.Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  30. Hi Calista,

    This is good information for everybody. I’m very happy to have read your great review. I have many CD and DVD discs that I can’t use. The JFJ Pro and JFJ Eycon will help me. I have decided that I will be ordering a resurfacing machine on Amazon.

    Thanks for the great review!

  31. These are very interesting in that I have numerous CD’s and DVD’s that need to be restored!  This is an item that is going to definitely be a must especially for the collectors as CD’s are beginning to be collectors item since everything is going digital.  Many people have all their photos on DVD’s and need to restore those treasures!  This is very useful info.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! That’s a good point that a lot of people have pictures on discs. Hopefully this information reaches them before they make a decision to toss their damaged discs.

  32. Oh wow, I’m so happy I found this.  My brother has an absolutely massive CD collection – like, bigger than some college radio stations – and many of his CDs are rare and/or expensive imports, etc.  Sometimes it’s impossible to replace those if they get scratched.  Really good to read your review of the two different models, thank you for putting the info together.  I’ll be getting him one of these machines for his birthday.

    1. Oh wow, ya that must be a big collection! I’m so happy I could help share these machines with you. Sounds like an awesome birthday gift. I hope your brother enjoys it!

  33. Wow, that’s pretty Cool! I absolutely had no idea such a tool exists. Do you have to buy both the JFJ Eyecon and JFJ Easy Pro to make it work? I really found your article very fascinating, I just wish I hadn’t thrown away all those CD’s that had scratches. I am definitely going to have a closer look at these tools. Thank you so much for this invaluable information.

    1. Oh actually each machine is separate. You only need one, so I was trying to compare them in order for people to better understand which one will fulfill their needs most efficiently. Oh too bad, guess you know for next time though. No problem, and thank you for your comment!

  34. This is like a dream come true.  I didn’t even realize this existed.  We have so many CD’s that I love and that are just such a mess, it’s hard to use them without getting frustrated.  If this can actually save them, wow, the JFJ Easy Pro is something I’m going to get and I’m also going to tell my brother.  He has a huge collection, and I know he has quite a few that are scratched and whatnot.  He’s going to be thrilled.  I just wanted to pop in and say thanks!

  35. Excellent review you have up here concerning the JFJ easy pro and JFJ eyecon. If these work so well, that would be one of the best products I’ve seen this year. You cannot imagine how much valuable information I have lost or missed because of disc skipping. I’m definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Too bad you lost all of that information. I’m glad now though that you know about these machines. Thank you for your comment!

  36. Oh my God, I remember when I was young and my grandmother scratched one of my favourite videogames: The Legend of Dragoon. I have been upset for years because of that. Once ago there wasn’t a real way to repair similar damage, but now all is changed. They can literally save any important data or a particular event. Also, I am really happy about this one you are proposing. Looks good and professional.

    1. Aw that must have sucked. I’m glad I could show you these machines now. At least if something like that were to happen again, you could fix it.

  37. Wow that’s really clean Calista!

    I thought nobody cleans their CDs, you’ve no idea how impeccable your timing is! I’m cleaning up my house and found my PlayStation 2 CDs all scratched up and can’t be played at all and I was at my wits end trying to find a solution so that I can start playing again. Will it work if the CD has very deep scratches?

    1. That’s awesome! Oh that sucks. Funny though, I recently just got back into playing my Playstation too, haha. Depends on just how deep. If you can see right through the scratch to the other side of the disc, then it’s too deep. If not, it should be recoverable. Best bet is to try out the JFJ Easy Pro, because that machine works better with deep repair and also comes with sandpaper.

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