What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About? – My 2019 Review

Wealthy Affiliate What?

So if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Well Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short, is like an online university for people who want to learn how to become affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other businesses to help them out and earn commissions. Commissions, as in moolah baby!

Note: this post contains affiliate links, but it doesn't affect you in anyway

With WA You Can Learn How To…

1. Make your own website – you’ll get to choose a domain name and customize how your site looks using a theme

2. Create content – discover how to write engaging articles as well as make them visually appealing

3. Get traffic – understand what makes people visit your website, and how to promote it socially

4. Earn money – get conversions on programs and products you decide to talk about

Does WA Actually Work?

Yes, yes it does. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it does work for a lot people. There are many success stories in the WA community as proof. Try these on for size:

Who Is WA For?

This program is for anyone and everyone to try!

If you’d like to…

– create your own space online. Somewhere you could express your likes and dislikes

– help others. Assist those who follow or share the same passion

– learn some internet lingo. You’ll understand what SEO, keywords, and niches means aaaaand know how to take advantage of them

– meet lots of people (mainly online). The WA community is filled with all kinds of people from all over the world

Then this could be for you!

What’s The Training Like?

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is very thorough. Every course is split into lessons and every lesson is divided into tasks. On top of that, almost every lesson has a video that shows how to complete the tasks. All of the videos are narrated by Kyle, one of the company’s owners. He’s pretty cool. I mean don’t expect like Morgan Freeman quality narrating, but Kyle is super smart at what he does which is helping people ‘make it’ online.

If you’d like to watch a sample video, you can click the image below

Don’t Get Carried Away Though

You won’t earn money overnight. You may not even be able to earn anything until after a year in. It all depends on how much effort you put into completing the training and so on.

Think of Wealthy Affiliate as a side job that you’re interning for. You won’t be earning a pay cheque right away, but you will learn a lot and gain experience. Then maybe one day you will actually get hired and start earning some compensation. If you’ve watched The Office before, you’d be Ryan in this scenario haha.

Try It Out For Yourself

It’s completely free to sign up and get started with WA. You never have to upgrade if you don’t want to. Just to warn you though, there will be pop ups that will offer you a premium membership. There’s no expiration date on a free membership though, so it’s completely up to you to decide.

A couple benefits to upgrading:

1. Live Help – with live help you can ask a question in chat and almost instantly get an answer. Great thing about this community, there’s always people active

2. More Websites – you can own up to 50 different websites if you like, instead of just 2

Last but not least

3. Extra Training – the training you get for free is enough to get started, but if you want to learn more on how to drive traffic to your website (for example) the premium training is perfect

If you’ve got any questions, leave em down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

If you decide to give Wealthy Affiliate a chance, I will help you along the ride as best as I can!

Sign up here 🙂

All the best,

The CD Queen

70 thoughts on “What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About? – My 2019 Review”

  1. Hi,
    I really enjoyed your review about WA. You really broke down all the wonderful things you get when you join wealthy affiliate. People will read your website post and instantly find themselves interested to see what it is all about and they can see for themselves.
    The CD Scene concept is very cool. Great idea.
    Good job.

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is everything you need for any online business builder or entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or someone with advanced knowledge in online business building.

    You’ll get everything needed to build a successful online business; the tools, the help; the support, the amazing owner and community members, the step by step training, the Siterubix website builder and hosting services, the keyword tool Jaaxy, the affiliate program. All that you can have for a price of one coffee $1 per day which is an amazing offer.

    They will teach You how to make money and many more that can help you along the way in building your online business.

    Have a nice day,


  3. Thank you for this review. I think the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the training. If you were to leave the platform at any time, for whatever reason, you would have learned so much which sets you up for life. The membership allows you to develop all the basic online skills you need for your career. What is also a big plus is that you do it all with support at every step of the way. 

    1. No problem. That’s so true. I have learned a lot from WA that I never would have learned without it. Yes, the support is great too. Thank you for your comment!

  4. This is great review about wealthy affiliate! Sometime ago a friend recommended wealthy affiliate to me and I was so skeptical because so many programs I have been involved in eventually failed me. This gave me a second thought to look for a wealthy affiliate review. I was so satisfied after reading 15 articles talking about wealthy affiliate, they erased my fear and I took the bull head on and I joined wealthy affiliate. This is why I place so much emphasis on wealthy affiliate, their training is world class status, support from members and owners were so superb, and finally you achieve your dream cost effectively.
    If someone needs to learn affiliate marketing in detail, that person needs wealthy affiliate as a guide. All in all, wealthy affiliate is simply the best. We are waiting for more people to come on board.

    1. Thank you! Happy to hear you gave WA a chance, and are loving it. I agree with everything you’ve said. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

  5. Thanks for the great overview of WA.  I’m actually already a member and I love it.

    The training and hosting are top-notch but the main benefit I get out of WA is the community.  Live Chat, blog posts withing the WA platform and the member created trainings are so awesome.

    To anyone reading this post, do yourself a favor and just sign up for the free account.  You’ll be amazed at all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and the only thing it will cost you is the time to take a look.  You can stay on a free, Starter membership indefinitely if you want.

  6. This is a good summary of what wealthy affiliate offers and I like how you provided examples of people that have earned commissions using wealthy affiliate. I have yet to get to that point but hopefully one day I will and when it does happen I will have learned a lot along the way. Is this your favorite online program for making money?

    1. Thank you. Ya I like to use those examples as motivation. I hope you get there someday to. Yes this is definitely my favourite online program for making money. There is a lot of potential that can come from trying this program, and I’m determined to fill mine.

  7. Excellent review of an excellent platform. I might be a little biased as I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate, but it’s always lovely to see people love it as much as I do. I’m glad you pointed out it doesn’t happen overnight. There are so many misconceptions about online business these days. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you! Happy that you caught that, I tried to emphasize it. I appreciate all you’ve said, thank you for your time!

  8. This is a very thorough overview of what WA has to offer. I like the way you laid it all out. As online business opportunities go, I absolutely believe affiliate marketing is the best path to pursue. It’s easier to set up a website than most people think, provided you have adequate training. That’s one thing WA is very good at. I’m still blown away at how they have all these new webinars each week with even MORE training that you can actively participate in live. You really can’t beat what they have to offer. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I agree, it is easier than most people think. That’s true too, always new training being posted. Thank you for your comment!

  9. Thank you very much for this review. I have heard a lot about this platform and thought I should do my own research. I am glad to have stumbled upon your review as it has helped shed more light to what Wealthy Affiliate really is, and how it works.

    I am also glad that one can get started for free, at least with that, I can get to test drive it and see if it’s going to work out for me..


  10. Hi Calista

    This is a really good review (especially compared with so many others I’ve seen and reviewed). It’s simple, direct and short. 🙂

    When I describe to friends how this system works, it seems pretty close to how you’ve presented it. Build a website, get visitors, sell stuff, make money. And it’s not like I have to sell Amway and hold inventory.

    WA, as you’ve pointed out, has great training and community engagement, so the energy and motivation stays pretty high.

    Well done.


    1. Oh thank you so much 🙂 I did try and keep it to the point, so I’m glad you appreciated that. I agree with everything else you said. Thank you for your time!

  11. Hello CD Queen,

    I really enjoyed your review of Wealthy Affiliate! You have a natural way of writing that comes across easily to the reader and is very friendly. You explained what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer in clear detail. 

    I like how Wealthy Affiliate is here to help us understand what it takes to succeed in the online world of affiliate marketing. I also like that it is something anyone can do, at any hour of the day when it best suits them to do so. 

    Also the cost is very reasonable when you consider all the benefits WA provides us to help build our websites and businesses.

    I thank you for this post! Have a great day!

    Proud papa of two,


    1. Oh that’s very sweet of you to say, thank you! That’s a good point. I forgot to add that it is like a work at your own pace sorta thing, which I really enjoy. I agree, I think the cost is pretty reasonable. Thank you for your comment!

  12. Dear Calista,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    Since 2008 I was trying different make money online programs and products. To name a few… Ptc, Gpt, Surveys, Captcha typing, Email reading, Ad posting, Transcription, Data entry, Virtual assistant, Tele caller etc., I nearly lost $4000 trying different programs and projects.

    In September 2016 I came across Wealthy Affiliate and I did my research for one month. On November 2016 I joined WA but I was skeptical and I am afraid because of my previous bad experiences.

    To cut the long story short…

    I am still with WA and Since December 2017 I am a full-time Affiliate Marketer and Blogger working from home. In my experience WA is the best training platform to learn about earning money online. It has helped 1000’s of people including myself to reach my dream which is working from home and being my own boss.

    Much Success!


    1. Oh wow, that sounds terrible. I’m so glad you found WA though and gave it a chance. Way to go on making this full-time, that’s great! Thank you for your comment!

  13. I found your review informative but not boring. (So many of them are) I read a lot of reviews because I don’t want to get into something that isn’t right for me, but with the free trial, I can’t go wrong. I also now know what affiliate marketing is in a nutshell without all the big words and concepts I have no idea about the meaning. SEO’s are a little scary if you understand what I mean.
    You did this in such a way I can see where the training would work even for me. (I don’t know much about all this stuff).
    Would this be something that I can do? I don’t really even know how to work a spreadsheet

    1. Oh thank you! That’s true, can’t go wrong with a free trial. Yes, that makes sense. This would definitely be something you could try. The training is so thorough that anyone could follow it. Thank you for your comment!

  14. I’m so happy to see the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate being shared! I have been looking for opportunities that allow me to work from home and make a sustainable income for many years. I have tried several programs and I have lost a lot of money in the process. Thankfully I ran across WA about a month ago and decided to give it a try. BEST decision I ever made! I have been able to accomplish more in the last month than I have in all my time online as far as growing an online business is concerned. The training is phenomenal and the community is top notch, I love it! Please keep spreading the word about this great platform – I know it’s changed my life for the better!

    1. I’m so happy to hear you found WA and are loving it! I agree, the training and community are like no other. Thank you so much for your time and comment!

  15. I have paid a fortune in school fees since starting online in 1996 and have always wondered why you always had to pay for an opportunity to test a platform or program. Inevitably, there is always a sting in the tail that costs you, so when I found WA and they offered to give me 2 sites, hosting and training for free, I thought that it was too good to believe. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and surprise, surprise, they did what they promised and I made some money. 

    I have since upgraded to the premium membership where I can host 50 sites (although I currently only have 5) and I can increase my income as I open new websites.

    It is not difficult with all the training and help you get from the co-owners and the community in WA but it does take two things, time and work. The old saying is true, no work, no pay.

    WA definitely lives up to its promises and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to start an online business or affiliate marketing. WA gives you everything you need to do the work, but you do, as in any other business, need to work it.

    Great post.

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said! I appreciate that you’re also emphasizing the fact that it does take work. I’m glad you’re making money though, and are enjoying the premium membership 🙂

  16. Thankfully I ran across Wealthy Affiliate about a month ago and decided to give it a try. Best decision I ever made! I’m so happy to see the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate being shared! I have been looking for opportunities that allow me to work from home and make a sustainable income for many years. I am glad to have stumbled upon your review as it has helped shed more light on what Wealthy Affiliate really is, and how it works. This is why I place so much emphasis on wealthy affiliate, their training is world class status, support from members and owners were so superb, hosting services, the keyword tool, the affiliate program, and finally you achieve your dream cost effectively.

    If someone needs to learn affiliate marketing in detail, that person needs a wealthy affiliate membership as a guide. Please keep spreading the word about this great platform. I know it’s changed my life for the better.

    I thank you for this post! Have a nice day!

    1. That’s awesome that you found WA, and are loving it! I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is the best tool for anyone who’s interested in learning affiliate marketing. And for anyone who’s not sure, it’s still free to try! Thank you for your comment!

  17. Thank you for this great post! Wealthy Affiliate is truly an amazing opportunity, and I am glad you have seen success with it. I appreciate the simple way that you laid out all of the information: no frills, easy to read, and easy to understand. I also appreciate you providing the example earning screenshot as well as the example training video. Overall very informative and interesting!

  18. Calista,

    Thanks for introducing Wealthy Affiliate. Many people don’t know how WA can really help them to establish their online business.

    You nicely broke down the training and tools which WA offers, but I have heard about Live Webinars held at every weekend. Is it true that WA offers free live training every weekend for premium members?


    1. That’s true as well. One of the top members is very active in the community and hosts live training to help other members even further. Thank you for your question.

  19. Hi Calista

    well done! Your review is straight forward. Wealthy affiliate is an awesome place, I consider it as a my school library, where I learn everything I need to create an online business and rank it in the search engines.

    On top of that, they provide you with affiliate program to monetize your website. It is a complete platform with an awesome community ready to help each other with tips and training.


  20. This review is short and sweet and not a small novel like so many other reviews. I think you hit on the most important aspect of Wealthy Affiliate, which is training on how to succeed in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is challenging and getting more complicated as well as competitive. The more knowledge that you can gain as you market yourself the more potential you get in succeeding. For me this makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out as the most comprehensive training platform online, bar none. WA has set the standard and all other programs are negligent in delivering better service for the online marketer.

    1. Oh thank you so much! Ya, I wanted to keep it straight to the point. I agree, it’s getting more competitive but it’s still achievable. Also agree with the rest. Thank you for your comment!

  21. Such a great platform and community in Wealthy Affiliate! One of the best parts besides making passive income is that you own the website you are using to market and have full creative control. Those commissions are pretty impressive indeed, all via passive income. This business takes some time and effort but it definitely can be worth it, as we can see the proof is in the pudding here. Great post. Everyone reading should follow the links to see what WA is all about!

    1. Ya, I love being able to have total control over my website! I totally agree, I think everyone should at least give it a chance 🙂

  22. You couldn’t have put it in a better way. WA is online university for people who want to earn money online. The opposite of traditional university where you are taught ‘How to get employed’.

    I totally agree that the community at WA is on a mission to help all other online entrepreneurs succeed. The training is super intensive with a step by step guide.

    This is where I learned to create my first website. It was so easy, yet I had the fear that I would have to be a computer guru.

    You have really broken down WA so well for someone who was still sitting on the fence. I encourage them to try the free trial before they fully commit. Totally worth it.

    Thanks for this review.

    1. I totally had that fear too. Luckily though, the training is so comprehensive that really anyone could follow it. I also think everyone should give the trial a shot. Thank you for your comment!

  23. Hi and thank you for your review about Wealthy Affiliate. A friend of mine recommended me this platform because it can help me make money online, especially if I am a beginner in this field. I’m okay if it won’t show results in just a few days training. I think making money online is like a real business. You need to build it consistently to finally attain some kind of results (money). But if I may ask, how long do people start to make money after joining Wealthy Affiliate? Thanks

    1. Oh that’s cool that your friend referred you. And the money making all depends on how much time you put into your website. The more time you put in, the quicker the results should be. I say should because it does still rely on a few other factors such as quality of your work and interest from others. I tell people to at least give it a year of consistent work. I think that’s a reasonable timeline.

  24. Hi Calista!

    Good to see another article about Wealthy affiliate. Another because I already read about wealthy affiliate marketing. Your article has got some uniqueness though. This is good about this business, that it provides training for beginners and its price is also reasonable. Also good to know that you mentioned a couple benefits to upgrading. That you get live help, more websites, extra training, etc. These will help more. Thanks for the information.

  25. This a brief yet informative review about Wealthy Affiliate. Who will see a golden platform with a promising future and decide to go a different way? Who will see a platform that provides good keyword searching tools, a danger free hosting platform, and the best training and decide to go a different way? I have seen like two platforms that claim to offer close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers, but I still recommend Wealthy Affiliate in the long run. If you are looking for both a beginner and a veteran friendly affiliate marketing platform, Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation for you. This is just an addition to what I have learned from this review, and am very sure it would be of great help. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform to explore.

    1. Thank you. Exactly, with all the stuff WA offers I think it at least deserves a chance. That’s true as well! Thank you for your comment!

  26. Hi Calista, I must say that this review is very informative and helpful. It is truly a great platform to learn everything about affiliate marketing and beyond. My favorite part about this platform is support and community. I had a problem with the hosting speed and they solved it in minutes. I definitely encourage all folks who are looking to start an online business to give this platform a try.   

    1. Thank you! Oh actually I went through something similar. The people behind site support are very helpful and timely. I agree with everything you’ve said.

  27. Hi Calista,

    Your review of Wealthy Affiliate is excellent, warm and inviting, and very honest. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I look forward to the day that people like you will be using my profile and earning snapshots. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I’ll be shouting from the rooftops – I’m an affiliate marketing, and I made it with Wealthy Affiliate! Until then, I keep learning and making mistakes. But I am getting better. My traffic (visitors to my website) increases week by week.

    In the section ‘Try It Out For Yourself’, you wrote ‘You never have to upgrade if you don’t want to’. Are there any conditions to remaining a ‘free’ member? I heard you have to stay active. I guess that means logging on every week and posting to my free website? I also heard that if the account is inactive for six months, then the sites are archived and removed. If that happens and I do return, can I get my ‘old’ free website restored, then can I continue where I left off?

    Many thanks,

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Haha, I look forward to that day too.

      Oh I’ve actually never heard of those conditions before. I’m sorry I’m not sure if you lose your site or not. I do recommend though, to back up your site every once a while in case something were to happen to it such as that. Good luck on your journey with WA!

  28. Wealthy Affiliate, from my personal point of view (I’m a member of this platform), is priceless.
    Out of curiosity, I checked out hosting packages with other hosts (Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting platform as well) but they offered less hosting features.
    Let’s take a simple example. SiteGround is one of the best-Managed WordPress hosts out there today in terms of a lot, but their best plan can take only 100 000 monthly visitors. WA offers up to 500K! This is a no-brainer.
    Talking about the keyword tool. Let’s take for instance that you only want to get WA keyword tool for your affiliate marketing business, that will cost you $49/month as an outsider.

    Other keyword tools that can be compared to the features offered by Jaaxy, charge at least $100/month. With WA, it is free (the Lite version), plus premium hosting services, you can pay as little as $24/month with zero upsell.
    If I continue to talk about WA, I will be writing for the next 5 hours and still have so much to say. You only have to check it out yourself.

    1. Haha wow, you’ve done your research! I appreciate you adding some more info on top of what I’ve shared, so thank you 🙂

  29. Hi CD Queen,

    Without a doubt, your blog is so informative and important. I am a newbie to this site. I don’t know details about WA. You have covered important topics of Wealthy affiliate marketing business. The learning points of WA are important. The amazing thing of WA is that the community is filled with all kinds of people from all over the world. Please tell me how I could get suitable training on WA? What are the links to this site?

    Thanks a lot dude.😁

    1. Thank you! I’m glad I could share this info with you. To get to the training, follow this link and set up an account. After that, click on the “Training” button on the left hand side of the screen. Then click on “Online Entrepreneur Certification” and follow the instructions. Hope that helps 🙂 

  30. I like that you don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to. I don’t mind not making money at first, because it’s more important to me to start for free and not to have to pay any extra fees. As long as it’s legit, of course.

    I like helping people, so it’s a nice opportunity. 

    1. I like that part too. Starting free gives you a good understanding of the platform and if becoming an affiliate marketer is something you want to work towards. I agree 🙂

  31. You have hit the key points of Wealthy Affiliate great review. I have been a member for a year now and could not be happier. The main take away with this platform is the first rate training you will not find it anywhere online especially for the price. I have joined hundred plus dollar courses and have learned more about affiliate marketing here for half the cost! Plus the all in one platform is awesome. Everything you need to run a business online in one place. Top rated hosted with SSL certificate for all your websites is just one of the many cost savers with this platform.

    1. Thank you! That’s great. I agree with all of that. WA is just an awesome platform. Thank you for your comment!

  32. Hi 

    Thank you for writing this concise review of wealthy affiliate. It has everything I need to know about this program, which will benefit everybody new to this. I think that the problem is interesting and I like how you stress it is not a quick get rich scheme. Instead, so much is actually depending on how much you yourself put in.

    On average when would a person start to expect to make money?

    Thank you


    1. No problem! I usually say give it at least a year of consistent quality work. Everybody has to keep in mind that they’re building a business, and nothing will happen overnight. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  33. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has been a very good experience for me. Like you mentioned, the training throughout has been great and I have learned more in 3 months about the internet and online business than I’ve learned in the previous 10 years. I haven’t earned much money yet but with WA I am very optimistic. 

    1. That’s good that it’s been a good experience so far. That’s great. I’m sure you’ll get there at some point, just gotta keep working at it. Good luck!

  34. This was a great way to introduce readers to what the Wealthy Affiliate site is all about in 2019 and showing proof that it works (as in including the commission earnings images). The post does not overwhelm you with a huge amount of details, but it sure convinced me that this is a tool that everyone needs to try out if they are trying to make money online.

    I noticed that some of the dates for commissions earned were from back in 2016. Is it possible to make these kinds of commissions in 2019 as well? Likely that has not changed, but I thought I should ask. The video that you have added is a nice touch and shows me what I can expect on the inside. 

    It all seems simple, and the free trial is enough to take away any objection I may have had. If it is not good, no harm, no pay. This tells me that the site owners have a lot of confidence that what they are offering is enough value that people will want to stick around.

    I didn’t see a price for the premium membership. How much will it cost me and is there a way that I could bring that cost down somewhat? Since it is an affiliate training site, I guess by getting other people to sign up for the training might be one way…Thanks for the good review, you have sold me!

    1. Thank you. Yes it’s totally possible 🙂 I just used those examples because I thought they would fit best. Exactly ya, the owners are very confident in their site. The premium membership is $49/month or $259/year (USD). There are a couple different ways to help bring down the cost. For starters, if you choose the yearly over the monthly you already save $329. After that it’s all about building your site and earning commissions which you can then use to pay off the membership. Thank you for your comment!

  35. Thank you for this concise review of Wealthy Affiliate. I like your presentation of one of your commissions in 2018, that will inspire everyone who wants to try Wealthy Affiliate.

    What particular work made you that much commission from Wealthy Affiliate? I am willing to follow the steps you’ve employed if you would willingly share it.

    1. No problem. Oh that wasn’t my own commission, just an example from another WA member. I would share if I could! My advice though, keep your focus on writing content rather than worrying about traffic. As long as you’re consistently posting quality content, the traffic will gradually follow. Good luck!

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